Active Activism

We all want to create a better world for our future generations.  Fortunately, most of the worlds problems can be solved in the garden.   It all starts from a seed.

It’s time to create a more sustainable agriculture system

 The founders of Limitless Growth understood that there are numerous problems in the world and began researching the problems and potential solutions.  After years of traveling the world and researching we realized that at the root of most problems is the current agriculture system.   The current system uses pesticides and herbicides that run off into the oceans.   They use tilling methods which release carbon into the atmosphere and deplete the soil.   The current system uses nutrients that are derived from oil.   Western governments are creating carbon taxes which make local growing far more expensive and creates more dependence on other countries to grow our food which requires extra transportation and thus fuel usage.   All of these inputs, taxations, and extra traveling time also increase food costs that directly impact everyones wallets.


Let’s Look At Solutions

Just looking at problems can be extremely depressing.  Let’s look at the problems that exist and potential solutions that we can implement by becoming active activists.

Soil Health

One of the alarming stats is that we will run out of usable soil by 2050.  However, this was once a problem in the early 1900’s that was solved by growing peanuts.   When we grow legumes we pull carbon and nitrogen from the air and put it into the soil.  This improves soil health!

Ocean Health

It’s very clear to see how the ocean has degraded.  Coral bleaching is a real thing.  If you have done scuba diving or snorkeling for years you will have seen ocean life reduce.  A large part of this is caused by run offs of pesticides and herbicides that go from farms into rivers and oceans which kill everything.  When we transition from monocrops to more sustainable farming approaching we can remove the need for these chemicals.

Cost of Living

Every month it feels like our money is buying less groceries, especially if we want to eat healthy food.  The ultimate solution to this is to grow your own food from seeds!  Our seed variety packs cost around $15 for thousands of seeds.  Each seed can produce food for the family.   One pack can grow thousands of pounds of food!

Freshwater Depletion

Scientists are saying that severe freshwater shortages will affect the entire planet by 2040.  At the same time the current agriculture systems around the world use 70-90% of all freshwater.  This problem is tied to the soil issue as healthy soil is like a sponge and holds water for plants to use at a later time.  Soil that is void of nutrients holds very little fresh water which then runs back to the ocean, carrying all those pesticides with it.

Greenhouse Gases

There is a lot of hate on carbon at the moment, but plants need carbon, so figuring out ways to pull carbon to be used as a new plastic could have dire consequences.   What our goal should be is how to pull carbon from the air and put it back into the soil.  We should also be looking at ways to grow more locally and avoid the long hauls and fuel usage to get food to the grocery store.  The average piece of produce travels 3200km in Canada.  The backyard is much closer.


The current healthcare system is a disaster.  The Canadian system is a sick care system that doesn’t care about keeping people healthy as much as throwing pharmaceuticals at them to increase big pharmas profits.  We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat”.  Or the quote, “Let food by thy medicine.”  It’s as simple as that.  When we eat healthy, we are healthy.  When we eat processed foods that don’t resemble food at all, we can’t be shocked when our life is cut short.

Problem Solved

All of the problems outlined above can be solved when we bring the food systems closer and grow in sustainable ways that put the soil first.  Our mission at Limitless Growth is to create the tools and products that help create a more sustainable agriculture system.  We want to encourage you to be active in your activism.  Weather it’s to have more money in your wallet, to live longer, fight for better food in the school system, improve the oceans health, or most other issues, we have the ability to be active.   You can start by growing herbs in your window sill, volunteering at a community garden or small farm, or by transforming grass into grow space.   Every small steps creates a better planet.   


We’re Taxing Ourselves

Limitless Growth’s self imposed Active Actism Tax, 1% of all net profits, provides support for community & schools gardens to help educate the next generation on better agricultural practices.

Get Started!

If you’re motivated to make a difference then here are a few active ways that you can make a difference!

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