Turn Your Empty Yard Space Into An Income Stream!

The Limitless Growth Distribution Channel makes it easier than you could imagine.  No need to sell directly to customers. No need to get your hands dirty. Our vetted workers and software handle it all.

The Easiest Way To Turn Any Space Into An Income Source


This is truly turn-key!  Our software, products, and vetted workforce take care of everything.


See agriculture products that your system sold as well as the financial analytics.  


Our team is on standby and ready to help whenever you need us. Just ask.

The Easiest Way To Turn Any Space Into An Income Source

As Easy As 1-2-3

Have your empty space turned into an income source with a minimal time commitment!

Step 1 – Shop For A System

We have Limitless Growth Designs for whatever your circumstance is.  Prices start at $5,000 and as the price goes up the production capability goes up.  Our standard systems include a minimum of 6 raised beds and a greenhouse.   Custom builds are also available where standard systems won’t work (ie – large agricultural land, old commercial space, parking lots, etc).  All of our builds are meant to leave the observer in awe.

Step 2 – Join The Distribution Channel

This is where the magic happens!  Once you have your Limitless Growth Growing System installed it’s time to join the Limitless Growth Distribution Channel.  This is where our growth technicians design a system and schedule that fits your needs and the location’s demand.   Once designed we install our distribution channel growing components and take care of everything from seed, to maintenance, to harvest, and buy directly off of you. 

Step 3 – Income Generated

When your plants grow, your wallet grows.  We take care of distribution and buy directly off of you.   The cycle has now completed and the time invested would be under 30 minutes for a consistent cash flowing asset.  

Diversifying Your Growing Efforts

Each Limitless Growth Growing System is set up with diversity in mind.  This allows for the highest chance of success with growth and income.   Remember, we take care of everything.


Hydroponics has numerous benefits.  Automation, better delivery of nutrients to plants, lowers the chance for disease, uses 95% less water, and opens up many other opportunities.

Vertical Growing

Hydroponics gives you the opportunity to start thinking about airspace!  You can easily 10x or even 20x your results thanks to vertical systems.  


Seedlings can be used to speed up your growing process and to create an extra revenue stream.  Our seedling stations utilize hydroponics and vertical set ups. 

Ethical Growing 

Our nutrients are always organic and all of our systems utilize methods to conserve water.  By utilizing organic methods we save money on nutrients and grow plants that are healthy for ourselves and the planet.

Raised Beds

Raised beds outside of the greenhouse have the ability to provide produce for sale and for the household.  Once the plant is done for the season it produces seeds that can be sold!   

LED Growing

Don’t limit your growing season.  LED lights have the ability to help you grow all year long!  Growing in the winter increases your revenue potential!

No Cost Heating

That’s right!  Utilizing geothermal and compost heating elements there is no need to heat your greenhouse in the winter months.   This increased production and income!


Microgreens can be grown all year long and sell for a pretty penny.   In some circumstances they are a great option for mitigating any loss of production in the winter.  

Gourmet Mushrooms

Occasionally we’ll innoculate logs and create a source of revenue from gourmet mushroom sales!  Gourmet mushrooms are delicious and some can have massive health benefits!   

Frequently Asked Questions

Income Streams

One of the reasons why we’re confident with the success rate and income potential is because we’re not just looking at the sales of produce.  Other income streams can include, but not limited to:

  • Seedlings
  • Strawberry runners – One plant in our system turned into 400 in one season!  Strawberry plants sell for around $2/plant
  • Succulent ground covers can grow in many areas, grow fast, and sell for a decent amount
  • Seeds
  • Plant Sales – Plants like mint grow extremely fast and can be repotted for resale. 
  • Propagation – Many trees and plants can be propagated 
  • Fresh herbs
  • Lemongrass and wheatgrass – can be grown in the seedling shed
Income Potential

We believe that our systems will have a 100% ROI in 2-3 years when you are part of the distribution channel.   2 years is the goal, but 3 years is a safe conservative number if the system takes a little while to establish itself.   We are 70% sure we can hit the 2-year mark, but 100% sure we can hit the 3-year mark.   If we don’t hit a 100% ROI in 3 years you can have the choice to receive your distribution start-up fee returned.  

Agriculture Zoning

When a property in BC generates over $10,000 of agriculture sales in one year the potential to save on your property taxes is huge.   The distribution channel (see below) will help you hit that threshold and keep reporting in order to ensure that when you submit the rezoning application your chances of success is greater.  

What If There's No Income?

We honestly don’t see this happening when you’re on the distribution channel with the team we have in place as well as the variety of income streams we’re incorporating into the mix.   Yes, this season was good, but our systems are very diversified to ensure that if one stream of revenue is messed up then there are other income stream potential.  The same is true for real estate.  It’s much better to have 100 rental units than 1.   The greenhouse will have a mix of systems with around 50%+ being vertical growing.   The vertical components may or may not have one crop in it depending on what our planning determines is the best approach. 

Systems and Cost

Our systems need to incorporate the following as a minimum before they can be added to the distribution channel:

  • Greenhouse – We will be creating an online shop where you can make orders for approved greenhouses kits.  It is possible that a poly greenhouse kit could work, but we don’t recommend it as the roof won’t stand up to time and may get a max of 5 years before needing to be replaced.  With our high labor costs on the Island, it may end up being more expensive than just getting a good one right from the beginning.  You may also be limited to your LED lighting options which will reduce the growing season and income potential.   Humidity control and temperature are also slightly harder to regulate. If price is a concern then we can weigh out poly options with you.  
  • Raised Beds – Raised Beds with soil and drip irrigation set up, but not connected
  • Greenhouse & raised bed Installation can be arranged or self-installed if you have your own handyperson or are a DIYer.  
  • Our recommended systems start from $10,000 (include beds, greenhouse, automatic venting arm, soil, drip irrigation, install).   The poly options do start at $5,000, but again, is not recommended, will limit income potential, and does not include installation. 
How Can We Leverage The Income Potential For Other Real Estate Deals?

Offering plots to the residents – It is possible that you could charge a minimum of $25/month for each bed the renter uses.  This decreases your debt service ratio and increases your ability to expand your portfolio!   However, keep in mind that if we don’t have access to a minimum of 150 sqft of growing space for what we’re needing to do then that reduces your chance of income from the growing system.   That said, areas along the fence can also be utilized for growing.  We’ll have to determine the best approach in the planning stage.  

Property Tax Reduction – This will also help lower the debt service ratio

Distribution Channel Pricing Model

This is where the magic happens.  The name for this may change, but the concept remains the same. 


       Bronze System Rental & Software Subscription

  • Installation of vertical systems and other greenhouse systems
  • Rental fee of the internal greenhouse system
  • Seeds, plants, and nutrients are included
  • Our vetted staff maintains the system 1 time per week during peak season/ 1 time per 10-15 days in the lower season.   
  • Maintaining visits include weeding, seeding, nutrient checks, and harvesting. 
  • We buy directly off of you and then resell through our distribution network. 
  • Growers weigh and count production on site.   
  • Information on weight, production, and income will be viewed on your online dashboard. 
  • Income-generating months are limited to the generally recognized growing season (first frost to the last frost).  
  • Estimated income potential is $5,000 – $10,000
  • The setup fee is $3,000 and includes service fees for the first 2 years.  From year 3 and onwards the rental/service fee will be $1,000 or 10% of income produced, whichever is lower)  


      Silver System Rental & Software Subscription (not available for poly greenhouses)

  • Everything in the bronze plan
  • Extended season growing system 
  • Includes LED lighting rental
  • Electricity monitoring system included
  • Camera and sensors for the greenhouse to better monitor the system remotely.  
  • Environmental heating methods.   This is done with compost towers and other methods that require no electricity!
  • Estimated income potential is $10,000 – $15,000
  • The setup cost is $5,000 and includes service fees for 2 years.  From year 3 and onwards the rental/service fee will be $1,500 or 10% of income produced, whichever is lower.  


      Gold System Rental & Software Subscription (not available for poly greenhouses, only available to larger systems)

  • Everything in the bronze and silver plan
  • This is for greenhouses that are larger (minimum 8×20 or a greenhouse + shed)
  • More vertical systems installed
  • More LED lighting
  • Estimated income potential is $15,000 – $20,000
  • The setup cost is $10,000 and includes service fees for 2 years.  From year 3 and onwards the rental/service fee will be $2,000 or 10% of income produced, whichever is lower.  
What We Need From You

We do require a power source to the greenhouse.  This could be an extension cord.   We need this to ensure we have lighting in the darker months and so the pumps and bubblers can run.   Usage shouldn’t be too high.  Expect a maximum of $35/month when the lights are needed and much lower in the summer.   We’ll connect a power use monitor that will keep track of usage. 

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