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and for the desire to find out more about the CEO.  It’s important in today’s day and age that we learn about the people behind the businesses that we are supporting.   There are many issues this world currently faces and the best way to ensure that these issues are getting solved is to support businesses whose income is going back into the betterment of this planet and the citizens within it.

I am Jordan Gagne, the CEO of Limitless Growth.  Throughout my life, I have been on the search for what could make the biggest impact on the planet and skills I could gain that could help with making it happen.  As I dug more and more into the issues the world currently faces in the realm of sustainability I have come into one common obstacle…. how we get our food.


Our primary food source comes from unsustainable measures that are damaging this planet.  Where I live there are 13 calories used in order to get 1 calorie of food, 95% of our food source is imported, and only 2% of the population will ever visit farmers’ markets that support the local growers.    Herbicides and pesticides are being sprayed on our food which is damaging our gut microbiome, causing mental health issues, and the runoffs are damaging our oceans and freshwater supply.   Eating organic is healthier, but the price tag is too much for the majority of the world to be able to eat healthy while still paying for housing expenses.  

Our goal is to solve these issues by being able to put local organic food in front of every human being on this planet.  Our first step is to create a marketplace that helps connect new growers with experienced growers to be able to mitigate the learning curve involved in growing your own food.  If you don’t have space to grow your own food then you can always find amazing vertical systems on our platform that allow you to grow in less space or connect with local food growers.  Any food producers on our platform have to undergo a strict vetting process, agree to be featured on a podcast episode so you can learn about them, and participate in our YouTube series that will show how everything is grown so you can finally trust your food source.

Growing our own food is the most cost-effective solution and even brings economic benefits for the grower.  They can sell seeds and seedlings on our system which helps monetize the process.    

Limitless Growth’s Goals

  • End World Hunger
  • Affordable source of sustainably grown food
  • Solve worldwide economical issues
  • Reduce mental health issues
  • End homelessness 

I am very adamant about ensuring our profits are going towards the cause and not highly paid executives.   As we expand our reach we will be able to innovate in ways that bring more jobs, helps the less fortunate, and protect our forests.  We put a large portion of our profits towards R&D that will clean up our oceans, capture renewable energy, and create systems that can grow food while powering the household.  

We are here to help the world transition in a sustainable way that is going to ensure that our children and grandchildren can see the beauty this world has to offer.  Are you eager to join a team that is going to change the world?

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