Calling Social Media Influencers!

Who Wants free seeds?

Limitless Growth is in search of social influencers who have an audience that Limitless Growth can bring value to!

Get More Seeds As Your Account Grows!

Every Canadian subscriber that you have generates 1 Limitless Growth Point. Every point is equal to 1 penny, so 1,000 points equals $10 in points.  If you have 5000 Canadian subscribers you’ll receive $50 worth of points to use on our online store!

Extra Bonuses

On top of getting free seeds we offer even more benefits!  When you join as an influencer you get a discount code of 10% that’s just for your subscribers.  You also get put into our affiliate program where you receive 10% of each sale your post generates.   In the affiliate program you also get rewarded if people who click on your link join as an affiliate, where you’ll receive 5% of each of the sales they generate!

10% Off Coupon

Receive a 10% off coupon code for all your subscribers!

10% Commission

Use your affiliate code to earn 10% from each sale!

Endless income

When other affiliates join from your link, you earn 5% from their sales!

What We Need From You

A post or a reel talking about why you like Limitless Growth Seeds!  Nothing too fancy or salesy.  Just be yourself 😊 

A few points you could mention

  • Canadian company
  • non-GMO, ethically grown seeds
  • Why you like our seeds
  • Mention our social media account

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