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Don’t forget to add a payment method.  If you miss this step you won’t be able to accept bookings or sell services.  Be sure to check out the tutorial on the left hand side labeled “Adding Bank Details”

Step 1

Click + Post a new listing.  To view the settings option you’re going to want to ensure you’re logged in and hover over your profile image beside the “post a new listing” button.  

Step 2

Select Listing Type.

Online Consultation (Zoom or Similar) – This is by the hour and you set your availability after you make the listing.
In-Person Service – Have services you offer by the house?  This is also by the hour and you set the availability.
Live Courses – Set as a per course fee.  Put times of course in the description with a commend that says “please message with desired time at the time of booking”
Seed Sales – Have seeds you want to sell?  List them here.  You define the quantity and shipping method or if it’s only available for pickup.
Seedlings – Have seedlings you want to sell?  Sell them here.  This would most likely be an option only available for pickup.  You define the cost per item/quantity.
Structures – Do you enjoy putting together raised beds or greenhouses?  Sell your products here.  Either sell them as a kit (pickup or delivery) or sell them as something you can set up on-site, just make sure you say in the description that the price may vary for onsite builds due to several different factors.  

If you wish to add other listing types then please contact us at  Keep in mind that food sales (organic produce or regenerative livestock) have very strict guidelines and require us to create a video for YouTube and podcast the owners for the potential buyers to see.  


Step 3

Fill in the listing information.

For pricing, per hour services will say per hour and per item, services will say per unit.  The better your listing the more likely you are to get bookings!


Adding Images.

Don’t forget to add pictures.   Having pictures of previous work you’ve done or work they can expect to have done, or the product will make people more prone to buy from you.  It’s best to keep your image the recommended size – 660×440 pixels.  This can be done on a site called Canva quite easily. 


Detailed Description.

It’s a good idea to “Format Your Description Using Markdown”.  It sounds techie, but it’s really easy.  You can select the link to see how to do that.  You can also see the example below.


Step 4

View Your Listing.

That’s all there is to it!  You can now see your listing live!  Remember to add a payment process beforehand or else you won’t be able to take bookings.  On your posting page, you’ll be able to see links to help you edit your listing or availability. 

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