How to Add Your Bank Details

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Before accepting bookings and sales you will need to add your bank details.  When the customer books the service they have to put in their credit card details to pay.  At this point the payment will be held by our credit card processor until the service is complete.  Once the service is complete the funds will be released.  In order to ensure we do not have an over abundance of funds being held we need to make sure we have your bank details to send payments to before you are able to accept payments.  

This is how the Limitless Growth Marketplace payment process works.  

Step 1

Navigate to Settings.  To view the settings option you’re going to want to ensure you’re logged in and hover over your profile image beside the “post a new listing” button.  

Step 2

Select Payments.  You’ll automatically see the “Profile Info” tab.  At the bottom of this you will see “Payments” click that.

Step 3

Add Your Payout Preferences.  Here you are just going to put in your name, birth date, and country of residence.  Once this is complete you will see the bank details information to add. 

Step 3

Fill Out The Form.  Here is where you will add your address and your banking information.  Always know that this site is 100% secured through our SSL certificate, so your bank information is safe and encrypted.  Once you’re done, press “Save Details”.  Now you’re ready to start making money!

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