Lettuce Growing Guide

All you need to know to grow successfully!

Plant Family:
Plant Type:
Typical Season:
Cool season
Typical Zones Grown In:
Growing Difficulty:

Planting Guidelines

The following are general guides to follow. However, nothing is set in stone. Feel free to experiment!

How to Start:
Direct Sow,Start Indoor
When to Direct Sow:
When to Start Indoors:
Sprouting Time:
7-15 days
Soil Temperature (C):
5mm (¼”)
Spacing (cm):
30cm (12″)
Row Spacing (cm):
Sun Exposure:
Part Shade,Full Sun
Maturity Time:
67 days
When To Harvest:
How to Harvest:
Pick individual leaves or wait and harvest full heads. Summer lettuce stays in prime eating condition only a short time, so harvest promptly and keep planting. In fall and winter the plants stay in good eating condition longer.

Health Benefits

Growing your own food is one of the best things you can do for your health. Let’s check out some of the health benefits!

Is It Edible?
Edible Parts:
Potential Health Benefits:
Bone Strength ,Hydration,Eye Health,Improves Sleep,Nutrient Dense

Tips to Growing Organically

Growing without the use of pesticides and herbicides is easier than you may think and it’s better for the environment!

Companion Plants:
Kale,Broccoli,Cauliflower,Cabbage ,Collards,Turnip,Beet,Cucumber,Onion ,Carrot,Celery,Chervil,Dill,Garlic,Radish,Spinach,Strawberry
What Plants to Avoid:
Common Pests:
Common Disease:
Tip burn (tips of leaves turning brown) is caused by a calcium deficiency
Bonus Grow Tips:
Lettuce will bolt/flower fast if it spends more than a couple of days in heat. After that the taste goes downhill, but seed saving is a possibility. Check out more in the seed saving section.

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