Murray Hallam Aquaponics Design Course Review 2023

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Maybe One Of The Best Investments You’ll Ever Make?

, I’m sure that if you scoured the internet for years on end you may be able to learn only a fraction of what Murray Hallam teaches in his Aquaponics Design Course.    This course teaches many different techniques for growing food utilizing Aquaponics and he takes you on some tours of amazing facilities around the world.

The amount of time you’ll save researching, trial, and errors and savings of healthy organic food makes this one of the best investments in your health and financial well-being.  

Now that you see the benefit of taking this course let’s see a little bit of what aquaponics the aquaponics design course is, why this could be just what you’re looking for, what is covered in the course, and what my personal experience was like. 


What is Aquaponics and Why Does It Affect You?

We are facing a sustainability issue in the world and this course could be the answer.  Let’s start from the bare roots.  People usually garden in the soil, but plants will survive just fine in water if the water has enough nutrients and aeration.  This is now called hydroponics, which allows you to grow by adding liquid nutrients to the system.  Now instead of the nutrients we could also add a fish tank to the system and have the fish water cycle through all the plants.  This fish waste feeds the plants and the water comes back filtered.  As these fish grow up they get bigger and before you know it, you’ve got fish and produce!  This method saves 90-95% of the water compared to soil growing.  Now can you see the difference it could make in the world?

What is Covered In The Course!

This course will teach you everything from the soil up when it comes to creating an aquaponics system.   You are provided with a parts list for everything so you can just go to your nearest hardware store and grab it. He’ll show you in a practical approach how to build the systems and he’ll explain the science behind it.  He’ll teach you how to avoid nutrient deficiencies in an organic way while allowing the fish to flourish.  You’ll learn how to care for the fish and what their requirements are.  

Periodically he’ll show you systems others have built after taking his course and it’s incredible.  Due to the knowledge you gained in the course you will be able to see exactly how these systems are made and incorporate accordingly.  

Aquaponics has truly changed my life on what I see possible.  

My Personal Experience?

I had so much fun taking this course and learned so much.  Once the course was done I couldn’t wait to get started building.  However, as I was building covid hit.  I finished the system, but I couldn’t find any fish to add, so I kept adding seaweed extract and it functioned beyond expectations.  I then began adding compost tea which was also successful.  Now I just keep putting off adding fish because the system is so easy to maintain that I haven’t had enough time to think about that expansion yet.  Soon we’re going to be setting up a larger system and we’ll update you when that happens.  

The video above shows the different systems I have around the backyard.  Keep in mind that this was the first year I’ve ever had success growing.  I’ve mastered soil gardening since, but aquaponics is definitely always in the back of my mind in terms of sustainability.  Where I am gets lots of rain, so it’s not urgent for me.   

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