10 Heirloom Seed Varieties – Vegetable Seeds Variety Pack – Grown in Canada – 3000+ Seeds! – Container & Raised Garden Friendly – Non GMO, Open Pollinated. Perfect for Your Survival Garden


10 VEGETABLE SEED VARIETIES - Lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce, Beets, Tomato, Spinach, Cucumber, Romaine, Carrots, Kale. Great variety for your survival seed vault.
3000+ NON-GMO SEEDS - These are non-genetically modified seeds! Veggie Seeds that are Good For The Planet!
HEIRLOOM SEEDS - Open Pollinated so you can keep collecting seeds and continuing the Heirloom line! Perfect option for a survival garden
WEST-COAST CANADIAN SEEDS - Grown in the west coast of Canada
SEEDS PROTECTED IN MOISTURE PROOF BAGS We kept seed storage in mind. Moisture protector pack + packaging to ensure seeds stay fresh
GROWING GUIDES - Visit our website to see growing guides for every plant in the pack!
GROW YOUR OWN FOOD! Save money and have fun outdoors by growing your own food!

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