30 Days of Backyard Organic Gardening Coaching

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What We Cover

Day 1

Get Your Soil Ready: The Fundamentals of Soil Preparation

Day 2

Building a Rich Soil Ecosystem: The Benefits of Composting and Organic Fertilizers

Day 3

Maximizing Your Garden’s Potential: Crop Rotation and Intercropping Techniques

Day 4

Conserve Water, Grow Better: Water Management Strategies for Your Organic Garden

Day 5

The Natural Approach to Pest Control: Tips and Tricks for Organic Gardening

Day 6

Seed to Harvest: All About Seed Selection, Saving and Germination

Day 7

Designing Your Dream Garden: Planning a Vegetable Garden for Maximum Yield

Day 8

Friend or Foe? Understanding the Art of Companion Planting

Day 9

Raised Beds and Containers: An Introduction to Vertical Gardening

Day 10

Extend Your Season: How Cold Frames and Greenhouses Can Help

Day 11

Going Vertical: Tips for Trellising and Vertical Gardening

Day 12

Watering Your Garden Efficiently: An Overview of Irrigation Techniques

Day 13

Holding on to Moisture: The Benefits of Mulching and Soil Retention

Day 14

Maximize Your Garden Space: A Guide to Square Foot Gardening Techniques

Day 15

Winning the War on Weeds: Natural Weed Control Techniques

Day 16

From Garden to Kitchen: Harvesting and Storing Your Organic Produce

Day 17

Healthy Plants, Healthy Soil: Understanding Plant Nutrients and Soil Fertility

Day 18

The Right Tools for the Job: Choosing and Using Hand Tools in Your Organic Garden

Day 19

Creating a Garden Plan: Designing and Creating a Garden Layout

Day 20

Climate Matters: Choosing the Right Plants for Your Region

Day 21

Understanding Plant Life Cycles: Essential Knowledge for the Organic Gardener

Day 22

Succession Planning: Keeping Your Garden Growing Throughout the Season

Day 23

Defend Your Garden: Dealing with Common Pests and Diseases Organically

Day 24

The Science of Soil: Understanding Soil Structure and Composition

Day 25

Supercharge Your Soil: Making and Using Compost Tea

Day 26

Nature’s Pest Control: The Role of Beneficial Insects in Your Garden

Day 27

Companion Planting for Pest Management: How to Harness Nature’s Power

Day 28

Soil Health Matters: The Benefits of Cover Cropping for Organic Gardening

Day 29

Sustainability in the Garden: Tips for Sustainable Garden Management and Reducing Waste

Day 30

Harvest Time: Celebrating Your Organic Gardening Success!