Sold! Now What?

Congrats You’ve Got A Booking! 

When you receive a booking you’ll get an email.  You’ll also notice an indication that you have a message to see around your profile picture in the top right.  Click that and you’ll see inbox.  Click “Inbox”

Step 1

Welcome to Your Inbox.  Here is where you’ll see messages.  Click the message that hasn’t been read yet. 

Step 2

Message Stream.  Now you’re in the message stream.  It’s time to communicate with your purchaser.  If it’s an online consultation you can check out our Google Meet guide.  It’s a free alternative to Zoom.  

Payment Made.  You’ll also receive a notification of payment made.

Step 3

Organize Meet Up Details.  If you used Google Meet or zoom you can add the link here (View Google Meet tutorial to find out how to create a link.  Or add the meet up instructions if it has to be done in person.  

You’re Ready

You’re now ready for your call and you have your message stream for future reference!

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