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Time of Event

It’s the time of the event!  Now that it’s time, let’s go over some rules of using the Limitless Growth Marketplace.  If you don’t abide by the rules you will be removed from the platform, so read carefully. 

Always Be Professional 

Always be professional when you’re interacting with customers.  Use manners, be kind and use respectful language.   It’s always a good idea to resist talking about politics and anything that can cause conflict. 

Notify the Household

With the rise of zoom, there have been some interesting occurrences.  One common occurrence is the household not knowing the presenter is on a call and may walk behind the presenter in inappropriate wear.  Ensure you’re household knows that you are on a call so this doesn’t happen.  

Keep All Transactions on Limitless Growth 

The Limitless Growth Marketplace is here to create transparency, create a seamless payment system that is safe for both parties, and overall a marketplace people can trust using.  Doing transactions outside of the platform if the initial time of contact was on the platform creates confusion for the customer.  If this is a quoted item you will have to create a product for the customer to buy or select the estimated time required for service.  The customer will then have to pay right away and the payment will go in escrow until the service is complete.  

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