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You’re going to want to ensure your profile is optimized to be able to build trust for the customer who may wish to book with you.  In this section we’re going to run through a few ways to ensure your profile shines!

Step 1

Click Profile.  To view the profile option you’re going to want to ensure you’re logged in and hover over your profile image beside the “post a new listing” button.  When you’re new it will most likely just show your initials.  

Step 2

Click “Edit Profile” This is your profile page.  On the right hand side you’ll see the option to “edit profile”. Click that.  

Step 3

Add Names.   This is pretty self explanatory.  Add your first and last name.  The display name could be your full name or something like “Farmer Smith” or “Joe Gardener”.   Username will be part of your URL.  For example in this case you could send people to marketplace.limitlessgrowth.co/jaysmith and they would be able to access your profile and make a booking!    

Step 4

Location.  We always recommend customers to go with local gardeners.  This is due to the fact that growing conditions change quite a bit and the closer you are to the gardener the more likely you are to find someone who can help you grow.  You don’t have to put your full address here.  In this case I would probably just put Nanaimo.  Once you put in the location wait 2 seconds before pressing enter.  This is version 1.0 so sometimes it takes a second to load. 

Step 5

Phone number and profile picture.  It’s a good idea to put your phone number in just in case Limitless Growth has to contact you, it also helps build trust in the platform as an extra security measure.  Next is to upload your profile picture.  It does say 800×800, but that’s not mandatory as it will be cropped to fit.  Click “Choose File” and click the file you want to upload. 

Step 5

About You.  It’s time to brag!  Put down your credentials here and reasons why the customer should be booking or buying from you.  You can simply fill this out like you would a document or email and press “Save Information”, but we recommend adding formatting.  You can view the guide by clicking “format your description using Markdown” text.  The next step will show you a little more on how to do that.  

Step 5a – Recommended 

Format your description.  This is highly recommended.  See the screenshots below on how to format your about you section.  

Finished Profile

After you save the information you can view your profile.  As you can see the formatting is rather important to make your profile looks better.  

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