Limitless Growth Vision Of The Future

2024 & 2040

2024 & 2040 Limitless Growth

The best way to ensure that dreams become reality is to take the vision from our mind and share it with the world. 

Vivid Vision 2024

By 2024 we see ourselves having headquarters in 3 countries.  Canada, Australia, and the UK.   We aim to generate $900 million for our small scale farming base, and save the end user more than $3 billion.  30% of our company is owned by our ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) Trust and our hubs are designed around teamwork and environmental protection.  

Vision 2040

We believe in setting our goals high.  That’s why by 2040 we see ourselves helping turn any house into a carbon-neutral house with renewable energy, housing that also feeds, robotics to clean the ocean, reforestation unused land, and even helping create a more preventative healthcare system.   

Company Core Values

Every core value is just as important as the last, that’s why we label them all with number 1.

People Above Profits

Creative Solutions

Ready to Collaborate


We Love What We Do

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